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Best Way to make Nigerian Fish Rolls or Meat Pie

By on 08:28

Nigerian Fish Roll is the deep-fried version of Nigerian Meat Pie with a fish filling.

It is so easy to make.

Nigerian Fish Rolls is a deep fried crunchy Nigerian snack made with flour, margarine, eggs and baking powder, and then filled with mashed spiced fish.
I love easy recipes and this is just one of my favorite Nigerian snacks; easy to prepare and simply delicious...here's the recipe :)

Nigerian Fish rolls ingredients:
For the Fish rolls dough/pastry:

  • *350 grams Flour
  • *100 grams margarine
  • *1 raw egg
  • *1 tablespoonful baking powder
  • *1/2 tablespoonful salt
  • For the Nigerian Fish Rolls Filling: 
  • *Lightly fried mackerel fish(deboned and mashed)
  • *Vegetable oil for frying
Nigerian Fish Rolls Making Directions:
*First, fry the fresh fish lightly in oil , remove the bones and mash well.
*In a bowl , add the flour, salt, baking powder and margarine;Mix well , add the egg and mix thoroughly.
*Now, add the water bit by bit, and knead the dough until you get a smooth but firm dough.
*Next, place the dough on a flat board/table and cut out a bit. Using a rolling pin, roll out the small dough        until it's flat and then cut to form a rectangular shape.
*Now add the mashed fish and fold/roll the dough. Keep rolling it until you get the length you desire.
*Heat the oil until hot (not smoking hot) and fry the fish rolls on low heat until it's crusty and brown.
*Now the fish rolls are ready...Enjoy!

Nigerian Fish Rolls are a big favorite and usually eaten on its own as a snack or enjoyed with a chilled or hot drink.


  1. Love your recipe. Will use it and let you know how it turns out.

  2. Thanks Cynthia.
    Hope to hear from you.


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  4. Nice recipe... please can one add vanilla n milk to her fish roll

  5. Nice recipe... please can one add vanilla n milk to her fish roll