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How to Fix External Hard Disk "Access is Denied" Error "Do You Want To Format?"

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1. Make sure your hard disk is plugged to the system  
2. Click start and type cmd and click on it

How To Get Nigeria Postal Code To Fill Your Online Or Paper Application Form

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How To Bring Back Hidden Files From Virus Affected USB Flash

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How To Connect Your Phone To Computer Using Bluetooth To Browse The Internet

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How To Make Money From Youtube Videos

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YouTube isn't profitable yet, but that doesn't mean you can't make money on the video sharing site. We recently profiled 10 YouTube stars who have already figured out how to make hundreds of thousands of dollars off their videos. We estimated one star, Philip

Three Simple Ways To Backup Your Android Contacts + SMS

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Saving your contacts online or offline is quite good as it protect your contacts and SMS from any possible phone lost or damage.
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Using Android App To Backup Your Android  SMS

Website for ChibokGirls.com and BringBackOurGirls.com

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There is currently a global outcry as well as pressure on the Nigerian government to ensure the release of the 234 Chibok girls whose whereabouts are unknown up till this very moment, even to the Federal government of Nigeria.

How to Compress Images in MS-Word and Powerpoint

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Due to file size limits, you will want to make sure all documents you upload are as compressed as possible. Files greater than 10MB in size cannot be uploaded. In the team file sharing area the total size limit is 50MB for the team.
Check the file size as follows:
  • Right click the file and choose Properties from the right click menu.
  • File size is on the General tab. The exact location varies depending on the version of Windows.

MTN Now Sells Bulk SMS

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Dear Customer,
Sending multiple SMS messages just got a lot easier. Now, from the convenience of any internet-enabled phone, tablet or PC you can blast your multiple SMS messages at a cost-effective price and without getting a 3rd party involved.