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How to Fix External Hard Disk "Access is Denied" Error "Do You Want To Format?"

By on 23:07

1. Make sure your hard disk is plugged to the system  
2. Click start and type cmd and click on it

3. type the following code:       chkdsk /f E:
4. Press enter key

Note:  there is space between chkdsk and /f and E:
            e.g         chkdsk(space)/f(space)E:
            E:  =   your hard disk location, it might be F: or D:  

5. You have to wait for some time to precess and repair the bad 
     sector, it might take 2 to 5 minutes depends on the disk

6. After the repair try and open the hard disk again and you 
    will see your files are back again.


  1. thank you so much, this your post really helped me alot to recover my files back from my hard disk

  2. wow, guy u bad o, men thanks. i was thinking of formating my hard disk, but this brought it back to life again.
    thank you sir.

  3. great writeup @admin

  4. Tried this but mine is saying cannot open volume for direct access.

    1. sir did u follow the procedure properly? and what is the problem with the hard disk?